The Waccamaw River Historic Warehouse District

These buildings reflect the business activity of the town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly as it relates to the Burroughs and Collins company, one of the town's most influential businesses. The larger warehouse directly on the river was built circa 1880 as the terminal for the Waccamaw Line of Steamers operated by Burroughs and Collins, which ran on the river until 1919. The smaller warehouse approximately 90 feet upriver was built circa 1890 as a warehouse and later as a depot for the Conway Coast and Western Railroad, which was bought by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad in 1912. The large trapezoidal warehouse across the railroad tracks was built circa 1900 as a tobacco warehouse for Burroughs and Collins and was subsequently used to store fertilizer.

1. These historic warehouses are now used as reception halls.
2. Conway is lucky to have these warehouses intact as most of their peer warehouses around the country have burned or been destroyed.

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