QR Code Tour of Downtown Conway

Created by Conway Downtown Alive

Historic Conway, South Carolina lies on the banks of the Waccamaw River in Northeastern South Carolina. Its history is full of stories that excite the imagination and prod our humanity. With this tour, we hope to tell the story of Conway in a way that engages and captivates its tourists. This tour integrates cultural and historical tourism with 21st century QR code technology. To take the tour, start by downloading a free app for your mobile phone to scan QR Codes. Search the app store on your phone for "QR Code Scanner" and download any of the free apps. Then follow the map from site to site. At each location, use the camera on your smartphone to scan the QR code at that site. Your mobile phone will then be directed to a mobile website with information about the location. While on the tour, be sure to check in using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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Special Thanks

To Ben Burroughs, the City of Conway, and our Community Storytellers for their contributions to this project.

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